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Sunni = 90% Shia = 10%

Salat - Pray 5x a day Salat - Pray 3x a day
Perform Wudu before prayer - Have a different call to
Salat-Al-Jumu'ah is prayer
compulsory - Salat-Al-Jumu'ah isn't
- Head place on hardened clay
Sawm ­ Can eat as soon as sun…

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Law - They both follow Shari'ah law Law - They also consult the hadith of
Ali as well of those of Muhammad.
-They are not allowed to eat any
food prepared by Christians or Jews.
-They are allowed to pretend to
be a Sunni or Christian if this will

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The Four "Rashidin"( Rightly-Guided) Khalifahs
·During the first 30 years after the death of Muhammad, the
Muslims were governed, in turn, by four Khalifahs who had all
been close to the Prophet. They were known as the four
`Rashidin' (rightly-guided) Khalifahs.

Abu Bakr 632-634 ce
·He was 2 years younger…

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Ali 656-661 ce
·24 years after the death of Muhammad, Ali finally becomes
·Shia Muslims are named after the Shia (party) of Ali.
·They refuse to call him the fourth Khalifah because they do not
accept the validity of the first three.
·They call Ali the first Imam.

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Hasan and Husayn (The sons of Ali)

·Mu'awiya (the governer of Syria and the cousin of Uthman)
became the Khalifah for Sunni Muslims.
·Shia Muslims believe that after his death, the authority of Ali
passed to his son Hasan who became their second Imam.
·The word `Imam' is used differently…

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·For Shia Muslims, this day is especially important as they
remember the death of Husayn by mourning for the first 10 days
of Muharram.


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