To what extent would you consider Bismarck to have been correct in pursuing this campaign. (I got 9/10)

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Bismarck was correct in pursuing the KK because it reduced the threat of the Catholics taking over. 

However the Kk turned out to be quite a failure for Bismarck.

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How the KK was successful

The KK was a success campaign because:

  • Bismarck gained control over the Catholics.
  • catholic schools were under supervision by the state.
  • The govt had power to remove Jersuits.
  • Prussia could suspend payments to Churches where Priests resisted new legislation, under the KK.
  • 1000 Catholic Bishops were suspended and catholic weddings were no longer valid.

This proves that the Catholics were under greater control and the Protestants and German unity was now protected.

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How was the KK a failure for Bismarck

However, the KK was a failure for Bismarck because:

  • It only upset the Catholics more.
  • The KK caused opposition and Pope Puis IX's counter attack threatended to excommunicate those who obeyed the oppressive laws.
  • Only 30/10,000 Catholic Priests submitted to new legislation which shows that most catholics supported the Pope over Bismarck.
  • KK led to an increase in the Centre Party's strength, as they won 91 seats in the Reichstag in 1874. 
  • Many Protestants disagreed with the KK as they though it was a threat to civil rights and undermined freedom of conscience. 
  • This illustrates that the campaign was not supported by many Germans, so it did not work.#
  • The KK increased disunity within the German Empire.
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Bismarck was correct in pursuing the campaign as he was able to use the Centre Party's successful outcome of the KK, as a weapon against the growing threat of Socialism; the failure turned to his advantage.

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