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USA Boom and Bust

Hitler's Germany

Effects of the Wall Street Crash

  • America recalled the money they had loaned to Germany
  • Factories were producing less, so some of their workers became sacked and unemployed
  • This meant that there were fewer people with money to buy goods so factories sold fewer goods. Therefore, even more workers were sacked.
  • Farmers were also affected as the unemployed bought less food and farm prices dropped, forcing many farmers and farm workers into unemployment.
  • The German economy has fell into what was known as the Great Depression. This was world wide.
  • Unemployment kept rising
  • By 1933 - 6 million Germans were out of work
  • Misery and dispair
  • Many middle class and working class families lost their homes.
  • Business men went bankrupt
  • Small farmers lost their farms
  • Many Germans blamed the government for the situation and lost confidence in democracy.
  • Many turned to extremist parties who seemed to have a solution to the economic problems
  • All this misery was just the opportunity that Hitlet and the Nazis needed.
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Hitler's Ideas

  • 1924 - Hitler released from prision and started to reorganise the Nazi Party to make it more effective in elections
  • Hitler set up the Hitler Youth for boys and a new fighting force - the **
  • Marches and torchlight rallies were staged to publicise Nazi ideas.
  • More and more people joined the party but in the elections of 1928 the Nazis did not do well.
  • This situation changed when the Great Depression hit Germany.
  • Voters were increasingly attracted to Hitler's ideas.
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Hitlers Ideas

  • Hitler set out many of his ideas in the book he wrote when he was in prision ('Mein Kampf')
  • Hitlet beleived that the weak leadership of the Weimar governments had caused many of Germany's problems. He said that Germany needed a strong leader, like himself.
  • Hitler also said that the Nazis would make Germany a strong country again by overturning the Treaty Of Versailles.
  • The Nazis would then make Germany a great millitary power by increasing the size of the army.
  • Hitlet said that he would make Germany prosperous again after the misery of the Depression
  • Inferior Races - Eastern European, Asian and African, Jews and Travellers
  • Hitler wanted all Germans to work together to make Germany great again. ('the peoples community')
  • Hitler hated communism and pledged himself to destroy it.
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