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Edexcel History ­ unit 3C

Edexcel History ­ Unit 3C
The 4 Topics

Topic 1 ­ the red scare and McCarthyism
Topic 2 ­ the civil rights movement until 1962
Topic 3 ­ the civil rights movement 1963-70
Topic 4 ­ other protest movements (e.g. students, women)

Exam Requirements


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Edexcel History ­ unit 3C

If you can tick all the boxes you'll get a really good mark on this
o Q5 (16 Marks)
This will be a statement and you will be asked to decide if each of the
sources support the view using the sources and `own…

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Edexcel History ­ unit 3C

The key features of the red scare

HUAC (house of un-American Affairs committee)
o Questioned suspected communists
o Set up by government
o Government involvement increased fear
Elizabeth Bentley
o Admitted to being a soviet spy
o She named names
o Showed people there were…

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Edexcel History ­ unit 3C

This is when the civil rights movement began. The emphasis was strongly on peaceful

Types of protest

o People would intentionally sit in the `wrong' place to challenge segregation
o Sit-ins became a very popular form of protest in the south

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Edexcel History ­ unit 3C

July 1964- civil rights act passed
o LBJ continued what JFK had started
o Pushed the law through helped by the `freedom summer'
o The act banned discrimination
o Said the voter registration tests should always be equal
o A further act was needed to…

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Edexcel History ­ unit 3C

The womens movement

THIS IS NOT ABOUT WOMEN GETTING THE VOTE! That happened 40 years before in
Up until the 1960s women were expected to be house wives and mothers
The pill meant women had control of when they started a family
The `Feminine…





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