History Revision

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  • History
    • Vietnam war
      • Geurilla Warfare: Not close up combat, the element of surprise and hiding from the enemy until it's a perfect time to strike.
      • Tunnel Systems
      • Viet Conga: The army that were fighting against the Americans
      • Vietnam split up into two parts, North and South, the North were communist and the South were capitalist.
      • America trying to stomp out Communistm with the "Domino Effect"
    • World War II
      • Hitler became Chancellor before Dictator
      • Gestapo, ** and SA
    • Hitlers rise to power
      • Hitler used his secret army the ** and SA to scare people.
    • America in the 1920s
      • Flappers were young teenage girls in the 1920s who would smoke, wear lipstick and drink.
      • Prohibition came into action and many people went to places called "Speakeasies" to drink alcohol, where they would drink home brewed alcohol.
      • Gangsters like Al Capone were benefiting from Prohibiton, as they were sellling alcohol off for large amounts of money.


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