Revision Activities for Edexcel School's History Project Medicine Paper

Revision activities I used when preparing for my medicine exam. It does not include the information needed for this unit it only includes methods of revising which helped for me.

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Revision Activities for Schools History Project ­ Medicine Paper
This is what I have done to revise for the paper and it has really helped me. For me I had to do the
activities on large pieces of paper stuck together so I could stick them on my wall to revise. Due to the
quantity of information needed to learn I would recommend doing the same as 1 piece of A4 is not
always enough, I would suggest minimum A3 maximum 4 sheets of A3, however I have stated what I did
in each activity. Hope this helps!
1. Make a timeline for each era (show below) with the following:
a. 3 lines to represent the change in:
Public Health
Belief in Cause of Disease
b. Over the top of the 3 lines draw a grid and fill in the following for each era:
Key Individuals
Belief in Cause of Disease
Public Health
*The bigger you make it the better; there is too much information to fit on an A4 piece of paper. I would
suggest sticking together 4 pieces of A3*
2. Create a second basic timeline for public health (public health
is one of the guaranteed topics to come up in the paper, most
likely to be the last question) including:
a. Each era from the Romans onwards
b. Basic features of public health in each era
c. Go into more detail in the Early Modern section as
knowledge of the `Public Health Acts' is needed
d. Ensure to comment on the limitations of all points
made, as to get the A/A* you need to show the
limitations of what you are talking about
*I completed this on two pieces of A3, use less here to limit you to
write only the crucial pieces of information*

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Draw up a table for each of the main factor from the Medieval era to the Modern Period
a. Factors include:
Individuals/Team Work
Science and technology
*For this I only used 1 page of A3 in order to limit the information to bullet point facts*
4. Create flash cards for all key individuals
a. On the front write the individuals name
b.…read more


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