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Munich Putsch - Details

Munich Putsch- Nov 1923 (Hitler's first attempt to gain power)                                Hitler thought this was the right time to attempt a Putsch as Stresemann had just called off Passive resitance in the Ruhr.

Hitler had the support of Ludendorff (ex-army leader). Ludendorff was convinced the army would not fire on him. 

 8th Nov Hitler decided to force Kahr & Lossow to act. Stormed a bear-hall full of right-wing supporters in Munich. 

9th Nov Kahr & Lossow denounce the Putsch. Ebert declares a National State of Emergency. 

Ludendorff persuades Hitler to march on Munich before marching on Berlin. (Convinced the army will support him)

Met by police NOT ARMY. 

11th Nov Hitler arrested. 


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Munich Putsch - consequences

Feb 1924

Hitler, Ludendorff etc. are tried for treason. The RIGHT-WING judges were sympathetic.

The trial gave Hitler a public platform on which to speak and attack the Weimar regime He greatly impressed his audience-newspapers reported his claims. Gave Hitler a chance to show him political talent & establish his reputation (as extreme right-wing leader). (Persuasive speaker)

Helps Nazi vote (in small Bavarian elections).

Sentenced to 5 years-serves 9 months in Landsburg prison. Kept in good conditions - Dictates "Mein Kampf". 

Useful Propaganda for Nazi Party.

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