GCSE D.T Food Technology exam

For anyone doing their GCSE Food technology exam 2011.

These revision cards are mostly on the areas needed to know for section B of the AQA exam.

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Vitams and why we need them

Vitamin C

Needed for: 

  • Healthy skin
  • To protect cells
  • Help absorb iron

Found in: Fruit, veg.

Vitamin B

Needed for:

  • Release of energy from foods
  • Healthy skin

Found in: Breads, milk, eggs.

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Vitamins continued

Vitamin B12

Needed for:

  • red blood cells

Found in: meat, milk, yeast.

Vitamin A

Needed for:

  • good vision
  • healthy skin
  • growth

Found in: green and yellow veg, dairy products.

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Kate Westall


Thanks. These are quite handy as I'm currently revising for my GCSE food tech exam :)

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