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Types and uses of Equipment
For AQA GCSE Food Technology…read more

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Types of Equipment
Hand held, mechanical and electrical equipment are used in the
development of prototypes in a test kitchen which ensures the
consistently high quality product each time. These pieces of
equipment save time, energy, ease the making process & ensure
uniformity of results. All the equipment must be used
Processes carried out by electrical equipment may also be
carried out by hand held equipment. i.e. Grating cheese using a
grater. A food processor can carry out the same task in less time
and produces identical results each time.
Key word
Hygienically: to prepare food in a clean way to stop food
spoilage or poisoning occurring.…read more

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Processes carried out by electrical
Processes that can be carried out by electrical
equipment are;
· Weighing
· Mixing
· Chopping
· Slicing
· Kneading
· Whisking
· Liquidising
· Shredding
· Beating
· Freezing…read more

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Using equipment safely & effectively
· Before plugging in electrical equipment make sure that it has been
assembled correctly.
· Use electrical equipment away from any water source.
· Avoid using electrical equipment with wet hands.
· Make sure that it has the correct attachments i.e. Grating blade on
a food processor to prepare carrots for coleslaw.
· Make sure the lid is correctly close/the top is on securely before
turning on the machine i.e. Of a liquidiser before liquidising soup.
· Make sure the process has finished completely before attempting
to remove foods.…read more

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How do we ensure that food is hygienically
produced using equipment?
· Food technologist working in the kitchen has high standards of
personal hygiene; correct clothing, clean hands & no jewellery.
· All equipment is dismantled & each piece cleaned after use to avoid
cross contamination
· All equipment stored in a clean place.
How do we ensure uniformity in food products?
Using electrical equipment provides consistently high quality products
each time. Smaller equipment such as cutters, cake tins, moulds and
muffin cases ensures uniformity of finished product
Key word
Cross contamination: the transfer of food
spoilage/poisoning from one food to another…read more


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