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Uses of equipment
For AQA GCSE Food Technology…read more

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What tasks does each piece of
equipment carry out?
Electronic scales: Measure accurately to 0.1g which is vital in food production.
As products are being developed, small changes to the prototype ingredients
may need to be made to get the required flavour, texture and consistency.
Flavourings e.g. Chilli powder for a curry may need adapting to get correct
Food processors: Have a range of attachments enabling them to perform
different tasks i.e. Grate, slice, grind, shred, dice, purée, mix, knead and whisk.
The tasks can be timed to ensure a consistency in the products produced. The
attachments for grating, slicing etc.. Produce a consistent sized product each
time i.e. Size of grated carrot pieces.
Mixers: Have a range of attachments for different mixing processes i.e.
Whisking, mixing, kneading. These enable different consistencies and textures
to be achieved in the food products. Speed and length of mixing can also be
controlled, ensuring a consistent final product i.e. Egg whites for a meringue.…read more

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Liquidisers and hand held blenders: Have a very specific to carry out; making solid
ingredients into a liquid. Different lengths of processing time varies the texture
and consistency of the food products i.e. Puréed fruit for a smoothie.
Bread makers and ice cream makers: Have a very specific process to carry out &
only involved in production of one type of food product. Once the sequence of
making has been programmed into the maker, the machine completes the task
resulting in a finished product.
How to ensure a consistent product each time
1. The same process is carried out over and over again.
2. The speed of the process can be altered.
3. The timing of each process is exact.
4. The length of time the process is carried out can be altered.
5. The attachments can be changed to get a different result
Key words
Prototype: the first version of a product that is being developed.
Consistent: the same every time.…read more

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Large scale equipment used in food
Lots of processes carried out in the test kitchen are scaled up in the factory
production of the same food products. Large scale equipment ensures consistently
high quality results every time. Often monitored by computers which ensures the
exact weights, processing times and temperatures.
Tunnel ovens: Used in production of small identical items i.e. Biscuits. Involves a
conveyor belt passing through the a heated tunnel to cook the food product.
Amount of time it takes to pass through oven = length of cooking time the food
Depositors: Huge tubes that fill containers, i.e. Pastry cases, they measure the exact
amount in the container each time i.e. Cake mixture in to a pastry case for a
bakewell tart.
Mandolin: Used to slice and cut food evenly each time.…read more

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Floor standing mixers: Work like huge food processors. They mix large
quantities of ingredients consistently each time for a specified amount of
Enrober: Coats a product with another ingredient to give it an outer layer.
Usually placed above the conveyor belt that carries the food product.…read more


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Simple presentation summarising the purposes of some key kitchen equipment.

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