60's Revision

60's revision notes, 3rd time lucky. 

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Age of Affluence: Effect of post-war prosperity by

1957( Macmillan at a meeting at Bedford football ground)- 'Let us be frank about it : most of our people have never had it so good'


Economy continued to improve through 1950's 

Last ration books thrown away in July 1954

Population was growing fast. Thanks to birth rate accelleratin after WW2. By1961 there were 51 million peoplin in britain ( 5% / 2 milliion more than in 1951.

Ruse in wages and almost FULL employment

Huge expansion in electrical and engineering work and in service industries (from financial and professional to transport and sales) --> Nearly 5 mill people employed in service industry by 1960.

BAD- Numbers employed in traditional jobs like agricultre, fishing, coal mining and ship building fell!

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