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IMPROVEMENTS BY 45? (Summary of 1870's - 1940's).
o Yes:
13th amendment = slavery made illegal.
14th amendment = Gain citizenship rights, regardless of race.
15th amendment = Right to vote for all, regardless of race.
Homestead Act = right to own property, regardless of race.…

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Media was much more developed. This + sympathetic whites = results.
o Bad for CR movements:
Many groups were tabooed, hated, banned due to McCarthyism/Red Scare.
o Yes:
Montgomery Bus Boycott 55/56 = NAACP organised (MLK's 1st). No change of Law.
Browder v. Gayle 56 = bus desegregation.…

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o Results:
Patrol the Pigs campaign: following cops and teaching B's their civil rights to reduce brutality and
Survival programmes: Free breakfast and school for B. children. Free healthcare centres and `liberation'
schools. Funded by local businesses and celebs. E.g. Jimi Hendrix. Influenced Red and Brown power.
FBI had…




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