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Things that make you go
Aims: Successes: Failures:
Firmly established the Tudor Failed to establish any sense of security; Was establishing the Tudor
dynasty, defeated rivals and his position was constantly threatened dynasty Henry's only
Establishing pretenders, was never over throne by pretenders and claimants until the achievement?
the throne or usurped, was the first monarch last 3 years of his reign.
in 100 years to pass on the throne
to his son.
First king to leave the crown solvent Failed to innovate or improve upon Was solvency such a great
in over 100 years, crown finances financial achievements of predecessors, achievement? Was money
Finance were more stable and secure, wealth amassed in his final year was worth collecting despite it
methods of collection were more dubious; tax collecting efficiency made tarnishing his reputation?
efficient. him an unpopular king.
Re-established crown rule over the Bullied most of the nobility into Would have using less
nobility, kept the nobility in check, submission; was resented by powerful threatening ways reduced
Nobility reduced the threat they posed to magnates, pushed some (Earl of Lincoln) rebellions and increased
the throne. into rebellion. loyalty?
Created a stable diplomatic Failed to fully engage in `European Henry failed to marry a foreign
environment overseas, achieved an politics', owed many countries for aiding princess after his wife's death
alliance with Spain. him attain the throne, treaty with Spain ­ commendable (humanly) or
Foreign Policy didn't enhance relationships with other missed opportunity
countries, by 1509 England was largely (politically)?
Re-established respect for law and Failed to reduce tensions between Were England's lower classes
order, restored confidence in the powerful rival noble families, failed to now more peaceful but higher
Law and Order government. stop rebellions occurring and gaining classes more sporadically
support. rebellious?
Encouraged trade and commerce; Economic policy was often overlooked Was England's new wealth
promoted by royal loyalty and a and sacrificed for foreign policy. under Henry worth it?
Trade more peaceful international
Establishing the throne: Finance:
× Margaret Beaufort (mother) direct × "I wish to live of my
descendant of Edward III. own."
× Exiled in Brittany. × Henry was very
× Fled to France, gaining support. aware about
× Grew up without lessons of kingship. finance from a
young age.
× Didn't believe in flattery, only trusted
his wife, resilient, observant and × Appreciated
intellectual, loved gambling & money, had very
sumptuously entertaining. little as a child but
saw others with
× Support originally by Brittany, France, plenty.
Rhys Ap Thomas, William Ap
Gruffudd, Stanley Brothers & Gilbert × Parsimonious.
Talbot. × Obtained money
× Won Bosworth. through ordinary
and extraordinary
× 22nd August 1485. revenue.
× Richard's forces outnumbered × Ordinary revenue:
Henry's 2:1.
crown lands,
× Richard had more military experience, custom duties,
command, better soldiers, more time feudal dues and
to prepare and a more tactical profits of justice.
× Escheats:
× Stanley Brothers were unsure as to landowner dies
who to support but eventually chose without heir, Henry
Henry. receives land.

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Lord Stanley picked up crown after × Attainders: 1485,
battle and placed it on Henry's head. £29,000. 1509
× Henry dated his reign to 21st: make £42,000.
Richard appear to be the usurper: × Act of Resumption:
accuse everyone who fought against take back land
him of treason. previously given to
× Called parliament, people came: monarchs.
accepted as king. × Sir Reginald Bray
× Crowned in Westminster: increased revenue
demonstration of power to Yorkists. 10 times over.
× 1486 married Elizabeth of York.…read more

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Flanders. Henry's step uncle Sir developed the
William Stanley betrayed Henry and Chamber.
was executed. Sir Robert Clifford × Extraordinary
revealed vital names to Henry. revenue came from
Warbeck went to Scotland, James IV parliamentary
gave him wife and money, but grants, loans and
Warbeck received no support in benevolences,
England. September 1497, Treaty of French pension,
Ayton was agreed with Scotland. clerical taxes,
× Margaret, Henry's daughter, married feudal obligations
James IV. His other daughter married and bonds and
Louis XII. recognisances.…read more

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Navigation Act
1489: English
merchants should
only buy foreign
goods in English
ships if they're
× Henry had only 9
× 1509: export of raw
wool down 30%.
× 1509: cloth sales
up 60%.
× Magnus Intercursus
1496 benefitted
nobody, meant
English merchants
could sell good toll
free anywhere in
the Duke of
colonies except
× Malus Intercursus
1506 signed by
Phillip of Burgundy,
meant trade
between England
and low countries
was free and
English merchants
could anchor in
Phillip's ports.…read more

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Punished nobility with attainder: land × Catherine of × Council Learned in the Law featured mostly lawyers and dealt
given to crown, loyalty, forced loans, Aragon married with all revenue to Henry. It had no jury through fear of bribery; it
recognisances and bonds. Prince Arthur in was hated because it collected money.
× Great Chain of Being: belief that 1501 bringing in × Great Chamberlain: Chief official responsible for the running of
everyone was born into a hierarchy 100,000 crowns. Henry's household.…read more

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Tudor dynasty
administrative skills. could prosper
unmolested by
conspiracies or
intervention.…read more


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