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Things that make you go
Aims: Successes: Failures:
Firmly established the Tudor Failed to establish any sense of security; Was establishing the Tudor
dynasty, defeated rivals and his position was constantly threatened dynasty Henry's only
Establishing pretenders, was never over throne by pretenders and claimants until the…

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× Lord Stanley picked up crown after × Attainders: 1485,
battle and placed it on Henry's head. £29,000. 1509
× Henry dated his reign to 21st: make £42,000.
Richard appear to be the usurper: × Act of Resumption:
accuse everyone who fought against take back land
him of treason. previously…

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with Flanders. Henry's step uncle Sir developed the
William Stanley betrayed Henry and Chamber.
was executed. Sir Robert Clifford × Extraordinary
revealed vital names to Henry. revenue came from
Warbeck went to Scotland, James IV parliamentary
gave him wife and money, but grants, loans and
Warbeck received no support in…

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× Navigation Act
1489: English
merchants should
only buy foreign
goods in English
ships if they're
× Henry had only 9
× 1509: export of raw
wool down 30%.
× 1509: cloth sales
up 60%.
× Magnus Intercursus
1496 benefitted
nobody, meant
English merchants
could sell good toll…

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× Punished nobility with attainder: land × Catherine of × Council Learned in the Law featured mostly lawyers and dealt
given to crown, loyalty, forced loans, Aragon married with all revenue to Henry. It had no jury through fear of bribery; it
recognisances and bonds. Prince Arthur in was hated…

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original nobility due to their Tudor dynasty
administrative skills. could prosper
unmolested by
conspiracies or


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