1.1 Diet and Exercise

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1.1 Diet and Exercise


Healthy balanced diet has the right balance of food types;

  • Carbohydrates - a source of energy for life processes.
  • Protein - growth and repair - building cells.
  • Fat - a source of energy for life processes: fats are also needed to make cell membranes and to insulate our bodies.
  • Mineral ions and Vitamins - neede in small amounts for healthy functioning of the body.

Inbalanced diets

  • Too little food = underweight
  • too much food = overweight

A poor diet may also lead to deficiency diseases. For example, little vitamin D in the diet can lead to rickets, which affects the proper growth of the skeleton. 

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1.1 Diet and Exercise


If someone’s diet consists of food with a lower energy content than the amount of energy their body uses, the person will lose body mass.

Metabolic Rate

  • The speed at which chemical reactions take place in the body(cells)
  • Factors that can vary Metabolic Rate;
    • age
    • gender
    • inherited factors
    • Proportion of muscle to fat
    • Amount of exercise and physical activity
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