B1.1 Keeping Healthy

Mind map on Keeping Healthy

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  • B1.1 Keeping Healthy
    • Food Groups
      • Carbohydrate
      • Vitamins
      • Water
      • Fats
      • Fibre
      • Protein
      • Minerals
    • Imbalanced Diets
      • Not enough food leads to people being underweight
      • Too much food leads to people being overweight
      • Defiency Diseases
        • Too little vitamin C can lead to scurcy
        • Too Little vitamin D can lead to rickets
    • Exercise
      • The energy outtake being less than that out energy intake means people loose weight
      • Metabolic Rate
        • porpotion of muscle to fat
        • Amount of exercise
    • Pathogens
      • Viruses
        • Examples
          • influenza
          • measlees
          • Chicken pox
        • Reproduce inside host cells
        • Kill Host cells
      • Bacteria
        • They live in cells and multiply quickly
        • They produce toxins once they are in the body
    • White blood cells
      • ingest pathogens
      • produce antibodies
      • produce antitoxins
    • Vaccinatition
      • Immuntiity
      • Dead or inactive oart of the pathogen
      • Antitoxins are produced so the real disease will not effect them


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