Keeping Healthy

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  • B1.1 - Keeping Healthy
    • Diet and Exercise
      • A healthy diet contains the right balance of different foods your body needs
      • Carbs, fat and proteins are used by the body to release energy
      • Mineral ions and vitamins are needed in small amounts for the body to function properly
      • A person is malnourishedif their diet isn't balanced
        • A poor diet can lead to:
          • A person being overweight
          • A person being underweight
          • Deficiency diseases or conditions such as Type 2 diabetes
      • A person will loose weight when the amount of energy they eat, is less than the amount of energy being used
      • Exercise increases the amount of energy being used
        • Health is also affected by inherited factors: metabolic rate and cholesterol level
    • Metabolic Rate
      • Rate at which chemical reactions take place in the body
        • Metabolic rate will stay high after exercise. The less exercise that is taken and the warmer it is, the less food needed
      • Affected by: The amount of exercise, the proportion of fat to muscle, inherited factors
    • Cholesterol
      • Made in your liver and is found in your blood
      • Amount depends on: Diet and inherited factors
      • Body needs cholesterol, but too much could result in heart disease


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