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B1 1.1 Keeping Healthy
Balanced diet requires the right amount of:
The body uses carbohydrates, proteins and fats to release energy you need to live and
to build new cells
A small amount of vitamins and minerals are needed for your body to work healthily
(without these we may suffer deficiency.
If we don't have a balanced diet, after a period of time we become malnourished
How much an invidual needs?
More energy needed Less energy needed
A male A female (unless they are
Teenager Older person
Builder Person who sits in an office
Note: The food we consume supplies energy to muscles as they work.therefore the amount of
exercise we do affects the amount of energy we need.
If you do very little exercise, you need less energy. (this usually means you don't
need as much food)
The more exercise you do the more energy you need (this means you consume
more food)

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Question: why do athletes need to eat more food than the average person?
Model answer: An athelete needs more food than an average person because an athelete
exercises more there for needs more energy, which comes from foods high in proteins and
carbohydrates.however a average person doesn't exercise as much therefore their food
consumption is less as the energy required is less.
The metabolic rate
Men usually have a higher metabolic rate than women.…read more


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