Biology B1.1- Keeping healthy

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  • B1.1
    • Diet, Exercise & Inheritance
      • A balanced diet includes everything a body needs to keep healty
        • The eatwell plates helps with the portions of what you are supposed to be eating per day
      • Different people needs different amounts of energy due to metabolic rate
      • Metabolic rate refers to the chemical reaction in cells
      • The more exercise you do the more food you need
      • Minerals, Ions & Vitamins are needed to keep the body healthy
      • Your metabolic rate can be affected by the genees yuo inherited
      • Foods which are high in saturated fats increase high blood cholesterol
      • People who exercise more are more halthy
      • If you are overweight it can lead to diabetes
      • It is unhealthy as well to be underweight
    • Pathogens & Defence Mechanisms
      • Pathogens cause infectious diseases
      • Pathogens are tiny microorganisms- usually viruses or bacteria
      • When Viruses / Bacteria enter he body it reproduces rapidly They can make you feel ill by producing toxins.
      • Viruses reproduce inside cells and damage them
      • Washing hands removes pathogens
      • Skin prevents pathogens entering the body
      • Pathogens are trapped by mucus and killed by stomach acid
      • White blood cells are part of our immune system
      • 1) This is what white blood cells do   They can ingest pathogens. This means digest / destroy
        • 2) They produces antibodies to help destroy the pathogens
          • 3) They produce antitoxins to counteract the toxins that pathogens produce


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