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Chapter 3 - The consolidation of Henry VII's position, 1485-7

EIV ­ King Edward IV
EoY ­ Elizabeth of York
EW ­ Elizabeth Woodville
RDoY ­ Richard, Duke of York
RIII ­ King Richard III
AN ­ Queen Anne Neville
EoW ­ Edward, Earl of Warwick
HVII ­ King Henry…

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Bosworth as traitors
(punishment for treason among
noblemen was attainment by Act
of Attainder)
HVII publicly rewarded loyal servants ­ knighted
11 men on battlefield
HVII sent Sir Richard Willoughby to Sheriff
Hutton in Yorkshire ­ to secure EoY/EoW and
bring them to London (started consolidation of
HVII sent…

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WS ­ Lord Chamberlain
HVII granted most senior posts to men he had
shared exile with (including Reginald Bray / Giles
Daubeney / Richard Guildford / Thomas Lovell
/ John Risely ­ personal
friends/courtiers/members of Counsel ­
regarded as most influential politicians of
3rd HVII processed into London

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HVII showed himself to people, then returned to
Tower for banquet
King's champion rode in to issue customary Champion's horse bedecked in
challenge to any man who disputed HVII's right to black cloth ­ embroidered with
rule Cadwaladr's supposed arms
7th HVII called first parliament to carry out specific

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18th HVII/EoY marriage celebrated by AoC HVII/EoY marriage was symbol
January of union between two warring
1486 houses of Lancaster/York, also
promised legitimate heirs to
secure Tudor dynasty
EoY described as good-looking/able woman (her EoY successful at giving birth to 8
coronation delayed until HVII had faced challenge children (only…

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1541 Margaret died
1547 HVIII died


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