Timeline Chapter 3 The consolidation of Henry VII's position, 1485-7

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Chapter 3 - The consolidation of Henry VII's position, 1485-7
EIV ­ King Edward IV
EoY ­ Elizabeth of York
EW ­ Elizabeth Woodville
RDoY ­ Richard, Duke of York
RIII ­ King Richard III
AN ­ Queen Anne Neville
EoW ­ Edward, Earl of Warwick
HVII ­ King Henry VII / Henry Tudor
TS ­ Lord Thomas Stanley
TR ­ Thomas Rotherham, Archbishop or York
JM ­ John Morton, Bishop of Ely
MB ­ Lady Margaret Beaufort
JT ­ Jasper Tudor/ Duke of Bedford
EoO ­ John de Vere, Earl of Oxford
WS ­ Sir William Stanley
HVI ­ King Henry VI
AoC ­ Thomas Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury
EIII ­ King Edward III
LS ­ Lambert Simnel
HVIII ­ King Henry VIII
Date Action/Event Effects/Impact
1483 EIV's death EoY's life thrown into turmoil
EoY fled into sanctuary with EW/four
sisters/RDoY (RIII's men surrounded sanctuary)
Princes' disappearance
EoY forced to accept her illegitimacy
Christmas EoY received at court
March AN died RIII considered marrying EoY
1485 Rumours developed about RIII's intentions ­ RIII EoY sent to Sheriff Hutton in
forced into public denial Yorkshire with EoW
22nd Battle of Bosworth
August HVII fought under banner of red dragon of Welsh HVII presented himself as
1485 kings who defeated Saxons reputable king through Welsh
ancestry ­ not recent family
history (descended from ancient
kings who fought against Saxon
invaders in Dark ages)
Red dragon became 1 of 2
supporters of Tudor royal arms
HVII proclaimed King of England by TS on
battlefield (knew little about kingdom)
HVII behaved like a king from the start HVII made it clear he would be
wise/prudent and rely heavily on
friendship/loyalty of companions
from exile
HVII immediately declared his reign started on HVII enabled to consider any
21st August ­ politically astute announcement men who fought for RIII at

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Bosworth as traitors
(punishment for treason among
noblemen was attainment by Act
of Attainder)
HVII publicly rewarded loyal servants ­ knighted
11 men on battlefield
HVII sent Sir Richard Willoughby to Sheriff
Hutton in Yorkshire ­ to secure EoY/EoW and
bring them to London (started consolidation of
HVII sent out Proclamation across England that
RIII was dead and HVII was on throne by grace of
HVII slowly made way to London (avoided hasty
HVII paused for a few days at St Albans…read more

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WS ­ Lord Chamberlain
HVII granted most senior posts to men he had
shared exile with (including Reginald Bray / Giles
Daubeney / Richard Guildford / Thomas Lovell
/ John Risely ­ personal
friends/courtiers/members of Counsel ­
regarded as most influential politicians of
3rd HVII processed into London
September HVII met at Shoreditch by mayor/aldermen of
1485 London (wearing scarlet robes)
HVII proceeded to St Paul's (accompanied by
crowds of sword-bearers/sergeants)
London citizens provided processions/pageants
along route (to demonstrate goodwill to new
HVII…read more

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HVII showed himself to people, then returned to
Tower for banquet
King's champion rode in to issue customary Champion's horse bedecked in
challenge to any man who disputed HVII's right to black cloth ­ embroidered with
rule Cadwaladr's supposed arms
7th HVII called first parliament to carry out specific
November duties (some customary at start of any new reign,
1485 others reflected nature of HVII's accession) ­
remained in session for 5 weeks, sat on various
The declaration of the King's title:
HVII declared…read more

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HVII/EoY marriage celebrated by AoC HVII/EoY marriage was symbol
January of union between two warring
1486 houses of Lancaster/York, also
promised legitimate heirs to
secure Tudor dynasty
EoY described as good-looking/able woman (her EoY successful at giving birth to 8
coronation delayed until HVII had faced challenge children (only 4 reached
of LS and Arthur had been born) adulthood)
2nd March Pope confirmed marriage
19th Prince Arthur born in Winchester Castle King Arthur had been legendary
September protector of British ­ HVII
1486 exploited…read more

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Margaret died
1547 HVIII died…read more


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