Timeline Chapter 5 Henry VII and the countries of Europe

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Timeline Chapter 5 Henry VII and the countries of Europe
HVI ­ Henry VI
EDoY ­ Edward Duke of York
FoA ­ Ferdinand of Aragon
IoC ­ Isabella of Castile
EIV ­ Edward IV
HT ­ Henry Tudor
CoB ­ Charles the Bold Duke of Burgundy
MoH ­ Maximilian of Hapsburg
RDoG ­ Richard Duke of Gloucester
RIII ­ Richard III
HVII ­ Henry VII
EoY ­ Elizabeth of York
AT ­ Arthur Tudor
LS ­ Lambert Simnel
MoB ­ Margaret of York, dowager duchess of Burgundy
AoB ­ Anne of Beaujeau
CVIII ­ Charles VIII of France
AoBr ­ Anne of Brittany
FoB ­ Duke Francis of Brittany
MT ­ Margaret Tudor
CoA ­ Catherine of Aragon
PW ­ Perkin Warbeck
PoB ­ Philip of Burgundy
JIV ­ James IV
EoS ­ Thomas Howard Earl of Surrey
CV ­ (Archduke) Charles V of Burgundy
DoS ­ Edmund de la Pole Duke of Suffolk
JII ­ Pope Julius II
JoC ­ Joanna of Castile
MoS ­ Margaret of Savoy
GF ­ Germaine de Foix
LXII ­ Louis XII
MyT ­ Mary Tudor

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Date England France Scotland Netherlands Ferdinand /
1461 HVI defeated by
EDoY who was
backed by the
Duke of Burgundy
1469 FoA and IoC
1470 EIV defeated
by HVI who
was backed by
the King of
1471 HVI defeated by
EDoY who was
backed by the
Duke of Burgundy
1471-8 HT in exile in
4 Brittany
1475 Treaty of
(EIV's French
1477 CoB death
Duchy of
Burgundy passed
acquired by the
Holy Roman
Empire when
MoH married
1479 FoA…read more

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October ­ a
one-year truce
was signed
England and
extended to
1486 HVII's marriage July ­ a July ­ a
to EoY. commercial three-year
Birth of AT.…read more

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would marry
1491 Birth of H(VIII) PW fled to Burgundian
France (from support for PW
December ­
CVIII married
AoBr, took
control of
1492 War against English troops in
France Netherlands took
Breton plot Sluys
Siege of
Treaty of
French would
pay an annual
pension of
(£5,000), CVIII
would not
support any
HVII would
withdraw his
English troops
from Brittany
1493 MoH became
Holy Roman
PoB took over
direct rule of
1493-6 Trade to…read more

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Florence and
entered Rome
1495 Sum for annual JIV came of PW left Burgundy
pension (ToE) age
1496 Scottish Magnus New marriage
invasion of Intercursus (the treaty with
England, Great Spain.
supporting Settlement):
PW.…read more

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France and Castile to his troubles in
trying to Spain (FoA) titles. Burgundy Spain.
maintain the and Aragon now Daughter JoC
support of PoB rivals. inherited
and FoA. Castile,
encouraged by
her husband
FoA excluded
from Castile.
1505 HVII pursued PoB's claim to FoA
better relations occupy Castilian antagonised by
with Burgundy throne was closer
where DoS was. backed by HVII Anglo-Burgundi
Improved an relations.
trading links with Marriage of
Antwerp also H(VIII) and CoA
advantageous. looked unlikely.…read more

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MoS refused to
marry HVII
1506-7 English English arbitration
arbitration between
between Netherlands,
Netherlands, Guelders and
Guelders and France
1507 HVII proposed a Dec: Treaty for FoA was still
marriage the marriage of stalling on the
between himself MyT and CV details of CoA's
and widowed agreed. marriage to
JoC, ignoring H(VIII). Relations
rumours of her between FoA
insanity. and HVII poor.
Idea of marriage
between his
daughter, MyT,
and CV also put
forward.…read more

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