Henry VI timeline

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1422-Henry V dies

1428- Overstretched in France

1430-Charles VI dies

1435- Treaty of Arras with Charles VII

1436-England loses Paris

1437-Only Normandy remains.Beginning Henry VI personal rule

1440- Duke of Bedford dies, replaced by York, promoted to Governer of France

1444- Treaty of Tours


1447- York given job Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. REFUSES.

1448- Surrender Maine

1449-Richard forced to Ireland. war reopened (Fougeres). Lost Normandy, end of 100 years war

1450-Charles VII launches attack Normandy, defeating forces Formigny and Rouen .Suffolk accused of treason, Henry allows to escape.

Summer 1450- Kades rebellion

Late Summer 1450- York back to England. Reapointed to the council

1451-Somerset appointed Captain of Calais. York tries to get impeached and get position heir presumptive enshrined in law FAILED

Feb 1452-York raises army. Outnumbered at Dartford, steps down

2nd March 1452-York steps down and lets men disperse. Henry promises that somerset will be arrested. York enters Henry's camp with 40 men, given suspended Act of Attainder.

August 1453-lost Bordeaux, Charles VII ignores treaty and pushes forward. End of


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