The Period of Dual Government: Detailed revision notes

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Who was the dual government?
1. Two bodies exercising power: Provisional government and Petrograd soviet
Problems faced by the Provisional Government:
1. Political problems:
Provisional Government has no legal authority to rule (not legitimate)
Temporary government (weakens their authority)
No tradition of democracy (parties wouldn't follow rules of democracy)
Petrograd Soviet had greater power
2. The War:
Still going badly
Army disintegrating (peasant conscripts)
Dependent on war loans (on conditional grounds ­ continue war)
3. The land question:
Peasants want land reform
Provisional Government in no hurry to share land (goes against who they represent)
Peasants seize land for themselves
4. The economy:
Shortages of food and resources
Factories closing down and strikes
Subsistence farming (farming only enough for self ­ worsens shortages)

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What action did the Provisional Government take?
Political authority:
Shares power with the soviet
Failed because...
1. Soviet undermines the Provisional Government
2. Order Number One (officers had to be elected by own troops and that the army should obey
the Provisional Government's instructions only if they were agreed by the soviet)
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Reasons why the Provisional Government failed:
The influence of Lenin:
Bolshevik policy in Lenin's absence: (Kamenev and Stalin)
Wait and watch the Provisional Government
Work with the Mensheviks in the Petrograd Soviet
Support the idea of a defensive war
Lenin's April Theses:
Wanted the Bolsheviks to overthrow the Provisional Government
The Petrograd Soviet should take power immediately
Skip capitalist stage of revolution, power should be held by the workers
Immediate end to the war
Immediate sharing out of land (appeals to peasants)
`Peace, bread…read more

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How did Bolshevik fortunes change from March-October 1917?…read more

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What happened in October 1917?
Key events:
1. The Provisional Government set a date for elections to the Constituent Assembly (in
November, SRs would win)
2. The Bolsheviks won a majority of seats in Petrograd soviet (Bolsheviks have over half the
seats in the Soviet, and so any vote that took place, the Bolsheviks would be able to win)
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Democratic ­ supported by Democratic revolution which Armed seizure of power by a
the people had the support of the Russian minority or radicals
people…read more


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