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1948-49: Tensions in Berlin ­ `The Berlin Blockade'
- Bizonia was created as the US and GB zone became united.
- Trizonia was created with the joining of the French zone.
- The USSR saw this as the US trying to divide richer Germany from poor.
- They established a…

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- Eisenhower gave $20m worth food aid and medical supplies.
- He praised Hungarians for their bravery.
- The US didn't send military troops, it would result in nuclear war.

A divided Berlin
- Because Berlin was deep inside the Eastern Bloc, it gave the US a foothold in East…

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- Divide Soviet Berlin from Western Berlin.
- Any East Berliners trying to escape were shot at.
- Solved problem of migration of East Germans.
- Khrushchev: looked stronger, although aggressive.
- Kennedy: looked more peaceful.
Berlin Wall: a symbol of division in the Cold War.
- JFK visited Berlin…

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> Blockade?
> Attack?
> Ignore?
Hawks: military generals, wanted to attack, start a nuclear war.
Doves: wanted diplomatic strategies, avoid war.

The Thirteen Days: a period where the world became very close to nuclear war.

- 16th Oct 1962: US spy planes photograph missile bases in Cuba.

- 20th…

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- Jan 1968: Dubcek = Czech leader (good friend of Soviet leader Brezhnev)
- Wanted `socialism with a human face'.
- Communist, but wanted communism to be easier to live under.
- Reforms `Prague Spring' ­ April 1968, increased political freedom ­ lots of critique
towards communism.
- Reforms meant…


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