Histroy Edexcel Topics Peace and War: International Relations 1943-1991 (Topics 4, 5, 6)

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Section one - Strains in the Grand alliance & Tehr

Nov 1943 (Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt)
- Stalin was annoyed at US and UK because they delayed opening a second front (did in 1994 - d-day landings) Stalin convinces that they wanted USSR to be seriously damaged by German invader before they came to help.
- Warsaw uprising - AUG 1949 - Polish resistance organized an uprising against Germans. Soviet army reached the outskirts of city, but didn't help as the Poles were brutally crushed by Germans. The defeat left the poles defenseless against Soviet invasion/ occupation.
- Churchill was very against the revolution that happened in Russia and as secretary of state for war, he supported Bolshevik enemies. and he was very suspicious of Stalin's motives in E. Europe, he was convinces the troops would remain in the countries they liberated from Germans.
 Tehran Conference Nov 1943 (
Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt)
- Britain + US agreed to open up a second front.
- USSR was to wage war against Japan once Germany was defeated.- United Nations was to be set ip after the war.
- An area of Eastern Poland was added to the soviet union at the insistence of stalin. Borders movers along the Oder and Neisse river. 

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