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Conflicted ideologiesThe 2 superpowers had different ideologies (USA,USSR)

America was capitalist Business and property were privately owned.Individuals
could change jobs as they wished, and make profit from their business.
America wanted Germany to recover as a trading partner
Americans believed…

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Tensions: USA+Britain denied Stalin a naval base in the Mediterranian
Stalin wanted more reperations from Germany than the USA or Britain
Stalin had set up a communist gov in Lubin (Poland). But Britain and
USA wanted a noncommunist government

The A bomb worsened relations between the USSR and the…

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USA also became commited to the economic recovery of Western Europe to
stop the spread of communism.
AIMS: Stop the spread of communism
To help Europe's economy to recover
However it also caused tension:
Only 16 Europe countries accepted itall western European states
Stalin refused Marchall paln…

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NATO 1949
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
Defend its members. (Western Europe, USA, Canada)
When USSR developed the a bomb, NATO seemed even more important to the
defence of western Europe.

Importance of NATO
The USA was now formally commited to defend western Europe
Stalin did not see it as a…

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secret police and the removal of soviet troops from hungary.
Kruschev became alarmed when nagy demanded the right for removal of
the warsaw pact and follow neutral role in the Cold war.
1000 soviet tanks came and attacked Hungary to crush the uprising.
Nagy was captured and shot.

Results 250030…

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Western nations had won a propaganda victory since it appeared that communist
states needed to build walls to prevent their people from leaving.
However western power could not stop the building of the wall

Effects/impact of the wall

The peace was maintained but at a high cost, Many families were…

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It was made up of both hawks (attact minded) and Doves (Peace and love).
Kennedy decided to blockade Cuba to prevent any missiles reaching the island

26th octobre Kruschev sent an offer to remove the missiles if the blockade is
lifted and the USA promise not to invade.

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their conventional weapons.
. The Helsinki Agreement achieved nothing it confirmed the Iron Curtain
and Russia ignored its promises about human rights.


Alexander Dubcek became Czechoslovakian leader and made some changes:
Workers were given a greater say in the running of their factories
Travel to the West…

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Mass immigration
. Czechoslovakia returned to communist control and Russian troops
were stationed there. Half the leadership of the KSC, along with the directors
of many firms (especially publishing companies) were sacked and 47
anticommunists were arrested.
. Russia stayed in control behind the Iron Curtain. The Brezhnev

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USA scared that Soviet has power of middle East threat to oil supply

Carter Doctorine USA would use military force to defend its national interest in
persion gulf region
Delay in SALT2 treaty, USA cancelled shipements of grain to sell high
technology to soviets
Boycotting of Moscow Olympics: sour…





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