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Full Notes on The Cold War in presentation form. This is for the Edexcel Course. The only thing I forgot to put in these notes was the Hungary Uprising and what actually happened in the invasion of Afghanistan but for that I do have the effects. Sorry these were done on a separate piece of paper but if you want you can always add it in! Hope this helps anyone out there for revising The Cold War!

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The Origins of the Cold War
1943-56…read more

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The Three Conferences
Teheran (The capital of Iran, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, November 1943)
The western allies would open a second front in France
Russia would attack from the east simultaneously
Russia would declare war on Japan at a suitable moment
A United Nations should be set up to replace the League
The Sphere of Influence in the West where capitalism would be dominant. I f the east became
communists, the west was protected
Signs of Co-op: They agreed to the Sphere of Influence where communism would be protected and
respected in the East.
Signs of tension: They did not have the same view when talking of reparations. Stalin wanted Germany to
pay whereas the other two wished to build a peaceful, restored Germany.…read more

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Yalta (Russia, The same three CRS, February 1945)
Stalin would help America defeat japan when Hitler was defeated
Roosevelt and Churchill agree to a communist Poland
The Declaration on Liberated Europe which committed the USSR, England and the USA to work towards
The Allies agreed to the United Nations, which believed in peace.
The Big Three restated their agreement for the sphere of influence
Signs of Co-Op: They agreed to many things such as the United Nations who helped to restore peace and
the Declaration on liberated Europe which stated that Europe was to become/work towards democracy.
Signs of tension: They argued about what democracy was. Stalin believed communist governments were
democratic and Roosevelt did not.…read more

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Potsdam (Germany, Churchhill-replaced by Attlee, Truman and Stalin, July-August 1945)
That the Oder-Neisse line should be the new boundary for Germany/Poland- this re-drew the west
That Germany and Berlin would be divided into four zones of occupation
All Germans living in Pol, Hung of Czech would be sent back to Germany
A conference of foreign ministers should draw up a peace treaty
Nazi Party is banned
Signs of Co-Op: They all believed Nazi war criminals should be executed and that Germany would be spilt
into four territories after they war.
Signs of Tension: Once again, there were arguments on reparations. Plus the new president, Truman,
asserted his authority by testing for atomic bombs. Stalin did not like being pushed around so started to
work on his own.…read more

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Reasons why relationships changed...
Roosevelt Dies, Truman is not liked by Stalin.
Truman does not co-operate as much.
Stalin was communist whereas the UK and USA were democratic.
Disagreements over Germany.…read more

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Moscow Conference (Moscow, Stalin and
Why?: Churchill was worried that the British influence was being pushed
out, he wanted to make links. They decided how much influence the UK
and USR would get over Eastern Europe.
Romania ­ S 90% C 10%
Greece ­ S 50% C 50%
Yugoslavia ­ S 50% C 50%
Hungary ­ S 80% C 20%
Bulgaria ­ S 80% C 20%…read more

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I thought the separation of germany into 4 sections was at yalta,not potsdam 

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