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Edexcel GCSE

History A: The Making of the Modern World

Unit 1

Section 4- How did the cold war develop? 1943-56

The Grand Alliance 1941

USSR, Britain and America
A marriage of convenience. Was only created so they could defeat the Nazis
Once Hitler was defeated Alliance became uneasy


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determined to create a buffer zone, a communist area in Eastern Europe between the USSR
and the capitalist west.
Poland ­This caused further tension because Stalin went against his word and only formed a
communist government without any capitalist influence.


One of the reasons the Grand Alliance fell was…

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Americans were being prepared for war

Truman Doctrine 1947

It stated:

The world had a choice between communist tyranny and democratic freedom
America had a responsibility to fight for liberty wherever it was threatened
America would send troops and economic resources to help governments that were
threatened by communism (marshall…

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Economically it ensured all the benefits of economic recovery remained within the soviet
Also meant that Eastern Europe did not have access to the prosperity of the West

In 1948 the western allies started to develop a policy for western Germany that was at odds with
Russia's plans.


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Hungary under Stalin

1949 Cominform imposed an oppressive regime on Hungary

Hungarian land was redistributed to other Eastern European countries
Hungarian coal, oil and wheat was shipped to the USSR whilst Hungarians were left
deprived of food
Non-communist political parties abolished
Russian officials controlled Government, Police and Army
Cominform began…

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America had encouraged uprising but not offered military help but did offer 200 million worth of
food and medical aid

UN did nothing to help


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