Rebranding Players

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Rebranding Players
Players are stakeholders who have an interest in the development or outcomes of a particular project. Their role is as interested parties as they may be
involved financially or emotionally.
Rebranding can't be done by one organisation; the different players/stakeholders are all people who have an interest in the rebranding.
Depending on the projects there could be anumber of stakeholders. Each group of players will have different roles at different stages during the process.
Their role will also depend on the type of approach to rebranding (topdown/bottomup/partnership).
All rebranding schemes should involve:
1. Diagnosis ­ identifying the problem or issues confronting the area.
2. Vision ­ developing a set of goals that address the problems identified by the diagnosis.
3. Action ­ developing a set of practical policies that will help achieve the vision.
Type of Player Scale Role of Player Urban Examples Rural Examples
Public/Government Public ­ Local council Plymouth County Devon County
(e.g. local authority, regional/loca Usually partnership to link residents Council Council ­ Duchy
councils, government l with the government Blackpool Square,
departments) Government Funding Mayor's Office e.g. Boris Princetown
national Diagnosis Johnson for the 2012
Understanding the needs of a location Olympics
Overview of and involved in whole Manchester City Council
rebranding process e.g. New Islington
Often longterm schemes (e.g. 25 year
Give out planning permission etc.
Private All scales Funding, usually at the start Urban Splash (e.g. New Jamie Oliver 15
(e.g. realestate Reimaging Islington, Manchester restaurant in
developers, media, Involved in Vision and Action stages and Royal William Yard, Cornwall
retail, private investors Not really involved in Diagnosis stage Plymouth) Duchy of Cornwall
(e.g. HSBC), single Involved in all approaches (topdown, HSBC (e.g. Sutton ­ Duchy Square,
investors (rich people, bottomup, partnership) Harbour, Plymouth) Princetown
e.g. Jamie Oliver) Often involved in flagship projects BT ­ Broadband in
Agencies Regional Government set policy ­ government HCA invested £125 South West
(e.g. HCA (Homes and agencies execute policies million into New Regional
Communities Agency) Islington Development

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Government funds project through South West Regional Agency were
agencies or gets other funding Development Agency involved in
were involved in Cornwall
Plymouth `Natural England'
provides grants for
farmers in rural
International International provide funding for large infrastructure EU Objective 2 Fund for EU Objective 1
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