Rebranding summery

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Rebranding: the way or ways in which a place is redeveloped and marketed so that it gains a new identity. It can then attract new visitors and investment.

  •  Why do places need to rebrand?
    • The decline of the primary and the secondary sectors and the loss of jobs
      • In the 1980s people started moving manufacturing jobs abroad where labour costs were lower
      • Mining jobs were lost as labour costs were higher than in other countries and coal deeper underground
      • Mechanisation of farming meant many agriculural jibs were lost
    • The increase of the tertiary sector, particually tourism
      • New tertiary jobs were created to replace the lost primary and secondary jobs (post industrial economy)
      • Cheap flights have made it easier for people to go on holiday so the tourism industry has grown, particually in MEDCs
  • Who are the rebranding players?
    • The people interested/affected if an area is rebranded
    • Different projects have different…


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