Players of Rebranding

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  • Players of Rebranding
    • Local Government
      • Funding
      • Permission
      • For more income to the area
    • National Governement
      • Lotto?
      • Funding
      • support the chosen rebranding
    • Private Companies
      • Project Funding
      • Investment in the area
      • Become one with the rebranding scheme
      • Make profit by using their own item
    • Private Investors
      • Fund local area
      • Pay for certain investment
      • Local companies
    • Not Profit Organisations
      • National Trust
      • Funding
      • Give ideas to local projects
      • Support of various pieces in the rebranding e.g architecture
    • Tourist Board
      • Promotion
      • Marketing of the rebranding
      • Attract Tourist
      • Boost Income to Local Area
    • Local Community
      • Support
      • Give Ideas and have a say in the rebranding process if able to
      • Decide the promotions and projects for the event


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