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write (or choose, in the multiple choice questions.)
you the basic answers they are looking for. It will go through each Key Area and tell you what to
Although some questions may seem to be personal opinion, this short revision guide should give
receive a Short Course (1/2) GCSE.
For the written paper, you are allowed 1 hour 30 minutes. The marks are out of 80, and you will
There are various key areas within the four subject areas, which will be covered later on.
Health & Diet ·
Personal Well-being ·
Leisure Time ·
Working Life ·
They cover four subject areas:
There are three sections to the exam - Section A, B and C.
The Exam Paper
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The Exam Paper: The 3 Sections
Section A: Multiple Choice Questions example - Employees in a company are the ... A.
bosses. B. workers. C. representatives. D. inspectors.
Section B: Short Written Answers (1 - 3 marks) example - Ali wants to use good body
language at a job interview. Give three different ways how he can do this.
Section C: Longer Written Answers (2 - 12 marks) In the third section, there will
almost always be a hazard question where you must write out around 6 hazards found in a cartoon
picture. This often holds the most marks.
The questions are also considerably longer, with three parts (a, b, c). There will also be a long-
answer question at the end. (Worth around 9 marks)

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Risks of smoking, alcohol and drugs ·
Stress & Depression ·
Social interaction ·
Recreation ·
Rest and sleep ·
Intellectual stimulation ·
Balanced diet & regular exercise ·
· Self concept
· Economic & Environmental Factors
· Personal, Intellectual, Emotional & Social Awareness
You will be tested on:
Preparation For Working Life: Key Areas
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PFWL: Key Areas (continued)
You will be tested on (cont'd):
· Formal relationships
· Informal roles
· Family life
· Impact…read more

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· Informal situation with older work colleagues
· Social skills used when meeting friends in an informal situation
· Social skills required in a formal situation especially in the work situation eg. interview
Social Awareness
very difficult. To be caring and polite will also be difficult if you are under emotional stress.…read more

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· Location of work or business - in a village with green open spaces, fresh air or in a city
· Type of housing, transportation to work, location of business, air conditioning etc.
Environmental Factors
· The world market will influence profit by exchange rates etc.…read more

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GPs advice; regular exercise, eating and sleep
· Managing stress: set goals for the day and achieve them all; reduce work loads; time off
· Symptoms: not sleeping, not eating properly, agitated all the time, over-tired
mae colleagues care about each other and work betters as a team
· Going out to celebrate together, birthdays, team exercises, charity events together help to
Social Interaction
Key Answers: Social Interaction & Stress
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Key Answers: Intellectual Stimulation, Sleep &
Intellectual…read more

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Danger Response . Airway Breathing Circulation
· Basic First Aid to cope with emergencies
and uncontrollable tempers or silent employees who do not respond or communicated well.…read more

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· Parents need to work to finance their families
· Parents need to think about child care and flexi-time.
· The need for parents to have time off for sick children, school holidays, school sports days
· The need for maternity and paternity
Family Life
· These are within families, friends, neighbours, and other social groups we belong to.…read more

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· The Campain for Racial Equality exists to ensure the rights of everyone are upheld
· Issues should be discussed, resolved and actions taken within the Law
working environment where people feel safe and valued?
· How should employers and employees work together to keep a cooperative, friendly
can deeply offend others
· These issues are very difficult as people have deep-seated beliefs and attitudes which
Diversity - Racism, Bullying, Prejudice & Discrimination
Key Answers: Diversity
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Key Answers: Types…read more

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· Redundancy can involve compensation if Employment Law allows
and other Government initiatives
· Once you have signed on, you are entitled to Job Seeker's Allowance, access to Job Clubs
Where to go for a new job
for employees
· Government Depts eg. Car Taxation Dept. are in South Wals where house etc. is cheaper
· Car-making factories are near the coast for delivery of parts by boat eg.…read more

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· Negative effects: air and water pollution, waste recycling necessary of unpleasant buildings
cost of imports
companies (i.e car manufacturers need companies to supply parts), value of exports and
· Positive effects: wealth to the compan , locality, and nation.…read more


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