Business and communication systems AQA GCSE the data protection act 1998

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The 8 key principles

  • it must be used for a specific purpose
  • you must not have or use data unless you have a lawful reason to do so 
  • it must be aquete , not excessive and relevant ( do i need to know how many kids you have to sell you a can of baked beans ?)
  • the data must be accurate and up to date
  • must not be kept longer than need be 
  • you must protect the data holder from loss theft and corruption 
  • the data should not be transfered abroad
  • data processing should comply with the legal rights of the data holder ( see next slide)

side note if the data is used to solve crimes or is a matter of national security then not all of the rules apply

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The rights of a data holder

  • the right to have the data corrected
  • the right to see the data - even if this is for small fee
  • prevent the data being used to sen junk mail 
  • to make sure that the processing of data does not cause un needed stress and harm 
  • to have compenstation if the above is caused
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