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the fitting of people who do a task to the equipment they use to carry out that task
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a combination of the furniture and equipment an employee uses – in an office this is usually the desk, chair and computer
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an official rule or law
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Display Screen Regulations
the official rules to protect people whose work involves using a computer screen
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Primary Data
new data gathered for a specific purpose such as a questionnaire designed to find out what people think about a new business idea
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Secondary Data
data which already exists such as government reports or information published on the internet
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Input Device
any equipment that feeds into a computer
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Storage Device
a piece of equipment capable of storing electronic data
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Output Device
equipment that can show the data stored in a computer
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Contract of Employment
agreement, usually written, about terms and conditions of employment
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Full-time Contract
employment for standard hours
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Part-time Contract
for a proportion of the full-time hours
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Permanent Contract
continues indefinitely
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Temporary Contract
applies for a stated period of time
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Internal Recruitment
filling vacancies from within the business through promotion, retraining or relocation
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External Recruitment
using means outside the company to advertise vacancies
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Recruitment Agency
an organisation, usually external to the company, which assists in the recruitment process
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Equal Opportunities
the principle that everyone should be treated equally, whatever their race, gender, age or level of disability when being recruited, selected, trained, paid and promoted at work
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treating someone differently because of their gender, race, disability or age
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Induction Training
training to help new employees settle in to the business
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In-house Training
happens at the place of work
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External/ off-the-job Training
happens away from the place of work
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quoted at an hourly rate and paid weekly
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quoted at an annual rate and paid weekly
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extra money for working longer than normal hours, often paid annually
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extra money for achieving a specific target, often paid annually
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extra money received for making a sale, normally a percentage of the value of the sale
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Fringe Benefit
additional reward given to some or all employees
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a combination of the furniture and equipment an employee uses – in an office this is usually the desk, chair and computer

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Display Screen Regulations


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