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Healthy eating and vitamins
A…read more

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Income Tax ­ Deducted from
your wage at a rate of around
20% when you earn between
£6,000 and £37,000 per year
over £37,000 you pay 40% tax
under £6,000 you pay no tax…read more

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Income Tax
· Deducted (taken away from your wage)…read more

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· PAYE: Pay as you earn (tax)
· National Insurance: A deduction in your wage
or salary which goes to pay a state pension for
you when you retire, currently 11%…read more

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Finance Cont
· Superannuation: Form of pension which your
employer and you contribute towards.
· Union subscriptions: When you start work
you will be encouraged to join a union who
may support and represent you if your are to
be made redundant or you think you and your
colleagues need a pay rise or if there are
problems at work etc. You pay a fee per
month to be a member of a union.…read more

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