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Data processing systems

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  • Data systems can be either paper or computer based:
  • Within a data system the data is stored, processed and communicated.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of paper based system: 
  • It can be useful when someone needs a paper based copy of a document, a paper based system wouldn't need computer equipment so therefore staff do not be trained, paper documents take up space on the other hand, it is harder to process data as you have to do it by hand which will take longer.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of computer based system: 
  • It allows you to enter data quickly, easier and accurately, a computer requires less space as all data is stored on a small computer so it doesn't take up room, you can back files up so if you lose them you have another copy, it is arguably more easier to keep safe due to firewalls, usernames and passwords, encryption, files can be searched easily…


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