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Religious Studies
Ethics 2
Religion, Peace and Justice
Attitudes towards war
War is a period of hostile relations between countries that leads to fighting
between armed forces. Holy war is an argument that is can sometimes be
necessary to use physical violence in order to defend a religion e.g the…

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Some Christians are also pacifists because:

The commandments say `You shall not kill'
Violence rarely solves any problems, and often causes new ones
Jesus' actions and examples were always peaceful, violence was never
An evil action can never justify another one in retaliation

The concept of justice

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Capital punishment is still used in many countries and some states in the USA as a
very strong deterrent. It fulfils the purposes of punishment, but some argue that it
is inhumane and completely wrong.

Many Christians are against the death penalty because it does not allow for
forgiveness, and…

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This approach is known as liberation theology, and some people take it to the
extent of using violence to benefit the poor.

It is believed that God favours the poor and the poor shall enter the kingdom of
heaven first, however many Christians do not accept liberation theology, and the…

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The traditional view is that women should look after the home and the children
while men go out to work and ultimately make all the decisions for the family.
However some Christians believe that men and women were created equally and
should be treated equally.

Attitudes towards other religions with…

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sacrament of reconciliation, the person who is seeking forgiveness goes to the
priest and asks to be forgiven


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