Religious Studies OCR Ethics 1

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Religious Studies
Ethics 1
Religion and Medical Ethics
Roles of men and women in a Christian family
In the western world, people would say women and men are equal. However some
people may say that men and women are intended to have different roles in life
and they were created for different purposes. In genesis, it states that men and
women were created at the same time however later in genesis it says that
women was made from man, so that he wouldn't be lonely, and be his helper.
Meaning women is meant to be inferior to men. In the garden of eden it shows that
women are weaker and more easily given into temptation, as even ate the fruit.
Because of this, there are some Christians believe that these teachings are
correct and that women should stay at home and care for the children and her
husband. However most people believe that women and men are equal as the
bible is not consistent on the roles of women in particular.
Roles of men and women in the church family
In the new testament it states that all his disciples were men however in the
apocrypha it suggests that many of the disciples were women. Some of the free
churches e.g Baptists and Methodists have allowed women ministers for many
years. Roman catholic and orthodox churches do not allow women ministers
because jesus only chose men to be his disciples therefore women cannont be
priests. At the eucharist, the priest represents jesus and women cannot be that.
Until recently women weren't allowed in the sanctuary of the church because a
women is `unclean' eg childbirth and menstruation.
Marriage ceremonies and the ways in which the ceremonies reflect
and emphasise Christian teaching about marriage
Marriage, by most Christians, is seen as a way to commit to someone you love,
and bring up children in a loving, and stable family, where they are taught Christian
values and bought up in the family of God. It is also a place for sex to take place
without it being a sin. Also, Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding in Cana,
showing the importance of marriage, maybe to show new beginnings, as this was
Jesus' first time performing a miracle.

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Wedding ceremonies may reflect Christian beliefs about marriage. There is a
general ceremony which many denominations adopt:
The preface: This summarises what marriage is for.
Marriage is important for many Christians because of these reasons:
Marriage is a gift from God because he intended men and women to live
Men and women should help and support one another and be faithful
Marriage should be for bringing up children.…read more

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Many Christians believe that the Bible makes its viewpoints about Homosexuals
clear, saying how homosexuality, or homosexual sex is a sin. They may also say
that it is due to homosexual sex that God destroyed the cities of Sodom and
Roman Catholics believe that homosexuality cannot be helped, because we
cannot control our feelings, however, the act of homosexuality is a sin. Any sexual
activity which cannot result in procreation is sinful.
The Church is still divided on the issue of homosexuality.…read more

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Church because marriage is a promise to God, and
a spiritual bond which God has witnessed.
The Church of England does not encourage divorce, however, it accepts that
people may be unable to fulfill their vows and might find themselves in such a
The Methodist Church does not frivolously accept divorce, asserting that
marriage is a life-long union, however it understands that things may not work out
between a couple and takes a more realistic approach.…read more

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God?" Also, it is not good for children to be bought
up in an environment where the couple are not married.
The Church of England recognises that sex should be saved for marriage,
however, some Churches may say that it is okay if the couple are in a committed
relationship and are not married, as long as they love each other, and want to get
married in the future, but want to test out their relationship through sex and see if
it works out.…read more


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