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Music in the 20th century
The 20th century was an exciting period in music. One of the first new styles to
appear was expressionism.

The term expressionism was originally borrowed from visual art and
Expressionist composers poured intense emotional expression into their
music exploring their subconscious mind.


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Movement four ­ Peripetie
Movement four of the Five Pieces for Orchestra is a very intense, restless
and dramatic movement with frequent shifts in orchestration, speed and
It is a musical `kaleidoscope' of constantly changing musical patterns.

To listen to Peripetie, follow this link!

Minimalism is…

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Every musical has:
Libretto - the overall text including the spoken and sung parts
Lyrics ­ the words to the songs

Most songs are either action songs, which move the plot forward, or character
songs, which enable a character to express their feelings.

Within these two formats, different song types…


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