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E year
Dance music revision
{…read more

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There have been folk dances in
Ireland for centuries, influenced
by invaders such as the Celts,
Vikings and Normans.
These folk dances would have
been social dances and
performed in groups.…read more

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Social dances in Ireland are known as ceili dances. This term
is used to describe a social gathering with dance and music.
Performance dance is unlike social dance in that it is
performed to an audience and can be danced solo. It was
developed in Ireland in the mid 18th century by the dance
masters. These were highly respected dancers who travelled
from village to village, teaching dances to the local people.
This continued until the 20th century, and the dance masters
had embellished and refined many dance steps and dances.
They created the dance known as step dance.…read more

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What does the dance look like?
In any step dance, the most important aspect is the intricate footwork, and
movement from the upper body or arms is limited.
In Irish step dance, the dancers keep their upper body straight and unmoving
with their arms hanging down on either side.
They often stand in a line all facing the audience.
Fast energetic steps characterise Irish step dance.
Dancers might step, hop, kick and jump with their legs crossed.…read more

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Irish Jig & Reel
In step dance the most
Movement from the
important aspect is the
upper body is limited.
intricate footwork.
Dance steps include Dancers keep their
step, hop, kick, jump Features of the Dance upper body straight
and crossing of the and unmoving ­ arms
legs. hang down either
Fast, energetic steps. Dancers often stand in
a line, all facing the
audience.…read more

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The Reel
They are two types of
traditional Irish dance.
In step dance, the reel is
usually danced with soft
shoes (like ballet shoes).
In simple time!…read more

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Samuel Richardson


A great powerpoint presentation on the different kinds of dance music through the ages, with good bullet point notes on each, and nice pictures!

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