GCSE music revision


Melody/Melodic phrases-  melody is one of the most important elements in music.

  • Any music composed before 1830, the melodic phrase is even and balanced.
  • A scalic melodic phrase is either major, minor or chromatic scales and could be ascending or descending, very popular in classical and 1800-1830 orchestral music.
  • Any music bewtween 1830-1900 has a long rambling and flowing type melody.

  • A Twentieth century orchestral piece of music has a fragmented (broken up) type melody.

Ornamentation- ornamentation is where the melody is decorated, you are most likely to hear ornaments in Baroque Dances, but also in other areas.


Trill = A skake bewtween two notes.

Turn = Like a plat on the main note- move to the note above, then back to…


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