Music Revision


The blues- A kind of jazz that evolved from music of African- Americans in early 20th century.

12 bar blues- Most blues music is based on a sequence called 12 bar blues, called this because of length of each verse. Can be played in any key.

Walking bass line- Frequently used in jazz and blues music. It walks up and down the keyboard.

Boogie Woogie- A style of blues played with a strong fast beat.

Riff- A short repeated phrase. Elaborates on each chord.

Trill- Vibratory sound, especially a rapid alternation of sung or played notes.

Swing style- A style of jazz generally played by a big band.

Blues scale- 5 notes of the minor pentanoic scale and a note from the scale tonic.

Big bands- A jazz group of 10 or more musicians eg Woody Herman and his herd.

Chicago- An american musical about crimes that happened, on actual criminals and the concept of the 'celebrity criminal' and criminal justice.

Js Bach- A german composer and musician of the Baroque period. He wrote over 1000 pieces of music.  A lot of his music was written to teach people how to play instruments.

Toccata- a musical composition for a keyboard instrument with musical features, usually freestyle.

Improvising- playing something on an instrument that you havent planned.

Rubato- Having certain nots very long and others…


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