Medea - Important quotes

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`She might be a rock or wave of the sea' Nurse (about Medea)
`Do you hear what sort of a father Jason is to you?' Nurse
`Her eyes like a wild bull's' Nurse (about Medea)
`God grant she strikes her enemies and not her friends' Nurse
`Jason is a prisoner in a princess's bed' Nurse
`Of course a stranger must conform' Medea
`We have bought a husband' Medea
`I'd rather stand three times in the front line than bear one child' Medea
`A clever woman, skilled in many evil arts' Creon
`My home, my country! How my thoughts turn to you now!' Medea
`You can hardly in one day accomplish what I am afraid of' Creon
`If you could govern your sex-jealousy' Jason
`I will kill my sons. No one shall take my children from me' Medea
`Before I have seen you growing up' Medea
`Oh what am I to do?' `I can't do it' Medea
`Childless people have no means of knowing whether children are a blessing or a burden' Chorus
`You'll give me double pleasure if their death was horrible' Medea
`Killed my sons? That word kills me' Jason
`In Hellas there is not one woman who could have done it' Jason
`Your palace in a land of savages' Jason
`Go home: your wife waits to be buried' Medea


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