Ajax - Important Quotes

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`Ajax guards the furthest flank of the line' ­ Athene
`He was crazed with jealousy' ­ Athene
`Darkening his vision with a veil of fantasy' ­ Athene
`He plunged like one demented' ­ Athene
`Now you can laugh at him' ­ Athene
`He was my enemy, but I'm sorry' ­ Odysseus
`Beware of pride' ­ Athene
`His punishment cannot be changed' ­ Ajax
`Ajax our lord, our strength, our rock, lies fallen' ­ Tecmessa
`Our noble master is mad' ­ Tecmessa
`Blind impulse' ­ Tecmessa
`Utterly dejected; will take no food nor drink' ­ Tecmessa
`Slaughtered beasts' `Savagely attacked them' `Talking wildly' ­ Tecmessa
`Make an end of me' ­ Ajax
`Evil cannot be cured by other evil' ­ Chorus
`Shall he laugh at me now?' ­ Ajax
`No hope of mercy from the gods' ­ Medea
`How will he welcome me when I come home empty handed with no prize to match the crown of
honours that he wore?' ­ Ajax
`Honour in life, or honour in death there is no other thing' ­ Ajax
`On the day you die, and dying leave me helpless' ­ Tecmessa
`On your blood will fall the shame of it' ­ Tecmessa
`Not to remember kindness is to be called no longer noble' ­ Tecmessa
`No son of mine I hope is frightened by the sight of fresh drawn blood' ­ Ajax
`You're a fool Tecmessa to think I could change my nature now' ­ Ajax
`This sword of mine, my adversary' ­ Ajax

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Who but your brother should lay you in your grave?' ­ Tecmessa
`Even your enemies must shed their tears' ­ Tecmessa
`It had to be Hector after all' ­ Teucer
`What a fate has bound these two together' ­ Teucer
`There is no law in a city without fear' ­ Menelaus
`When do I not pay honour to the gods?' `When you forbid the burial of the dead'
`Your barbarous speech sounds like a foreign language in my ears' ­ Menelaus
`There was a time…read more


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