Trojan Women - Important Quotes

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`If Pallas, child of Zeus, had not brought ruin on you, you would be standing on your foundations still'
`Why these sudden leaps from one mood to another' Poseidon (to Athene)
`Am I not in anguish and should I not lament' Hecabe
`She is the murderer of Priam' `she is the one who has driven wretched Hecabe on to this shore of
ruin' Hecabe (about Helen)
`Shall I be set to keep watch at some doorway or given charge over children, I who reigned as queen
in Troy?' Hecabe
`Never to the swirling Eurotas, the loathsome dwelling of Helen, to face slavery under Menelaus,
sacker of Troy' Chorus
`Theseus' sacred land, so loved by heaven' Chorus
`Hers is a happy state' Talthybius
`A foul, treacherous master, an enemy of justice, a lawless beast, who with his lying tongue twists
everything' Hecabe (about Odysseus)
`Agamemnon will find me a wife more hard to bear than Helen ever was. I will kill him' Cassandra
`The conflict that will see a mother killed thanks to my wedding' Cassandra
`I will show that this city is more fortunate than the Greeks' Cassandra
`Those who fell in battle never saw their children, were never dressed for the grave by loving wives
but lie in foreign soil' Cassandra
`The Trojans ... met death fighting for their homeland' Cassandra
`It amuses you to laugh at your own misfortunes and chant prophecies' Chorus (to Cassandra)
`Because of one woman' Hecabe (about Helen)
`Noble birth descends to slavery' Andromache
`Her death was a kinder fate' Andromache
`The other offers hope' Hecabe
`Not even hope have I' Andromache
`Oh how am I to say it?' Talthybius
`Why are you killing this child? What is his crime?' Andromache

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