The Medea Plot Plan

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17-18 The nurse If the Argo had never gone Medea This displays how much Medea
wouldn't be in this mess now (fate), but loved Jason; she is now unable to
Medea's world has turned upside down, do anything. Her broken heart
she is distraught that Jason left her, she appears to be like a physical pain
regrets the betrayal she did her family, from all the wailing she is doing.
she doesn't like her sons anymore.
18-20 The nurse discuss Medea's misery, but the tutor Here you see a darker side to
and the reveals that Creon also wants Medea Medea, our pity for her above, has
Tutor and her sons exiled, it is just a rumour, melted into curiosity, you want to
the tutor said that Jason will not help know more about her, the fact that
them as he has a new family now, the she is being exiled displays that
tutor and nurse decide not to tell Medea Creon is scared of her, and the nurse
about the exile, all men are guilty, Nurse also seems to fear her when she
tells Tutor to keep the boys away from tells the tutor to keep the sons away
Medea as she is worried about what she from Medea.
will do.
20-21 Medea Medea speaks and says she wants to be This highlights the extent of Medea's
and Nurse dead, nurse tells the children to go depression but also how much she
indoors, her sadness will turn to anger resents her children. It displays that
and passion, Medea speaks again saying Medea is dangerous and the nurse is
she should cry after what she has been worried for a good reason about the
through she talks to her children saying children.
they are cursed, the nurse asks what the
children have to do with it, she is scared
for the children, the middle ground is
best, neither rich nor poor as the rich are
always the ones who become obsessed
with wealth and power and end up doing
things wrong.
21-23 Nurse, The chorus enter and show their concern This highlights that word has spread
Medea for Medea, they want her to regain a about Medea's situation and the
and sense of proportion and they want her to women of Corinth, although
chorus come outside. Medea goes out. seemingly there for her, may be
there to see if the gossip is true.
24-25 Medea She will not have the women criticise her, This highlights that she doesn't really
she feels they are judging her, she care that they are judging her as she
accepts her place in society but what is talking to them willingly knowing
happened was shocking. Jason was her that they are. She truly loves Jason
whole life, and he knows that. Women and didn't want anything but him.
are the most wretched creatures, She begins talking about women and
husbands own their wife, and divorce what they are expected of in Corinth,
isn't acceptable. She is foreign so it is it highlights the contrast between
harder for her to get used to everything. Corinth and her old country where
Men can do what they want, whilst women were given a lot of freedom.
women have to watch by the side lines. She doesn't like childbirth but she
Child birth is harder than war. She has went through it for Jason because
destroyed her family, she has no one. she loves him so much.
She gets the women to say nothing
about her way to take revenge.
25-28 Medea, Creon orders Medea out of Corinth, he This displays that even the king fears
Creon and fears her because of her cleverness and Medea, it shows she has a
Chorus reputation. Medea tries to persuade him reputation and he is worried about
to let her stay ­she is after all only a what she will do to his family.

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He says he won't change his
mind but when he appeals to his fatherly
side, he allows her to stay for one more
day, thinking that she can't do what he
fears she will in one day.…read more

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Chorus Choral ode: no more hope, the gifts,
Medea sorrow for what will happen.
48 Chorus Tutor tells Medea that the boys are back. This makes it known that Medea
Medea She takes the news badly and she weeps does not want to kill her children,
Tutor but she feels her reason is good
Children enough.
48-50 Chorus Medea tells of her misery at having to It seems here like she isn't going to
Medea part from her children. She weeps.…read more


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