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17-18 The nurse If the Argo had never gone Medea This displays how much Medea
wouldn't be in this mess now (fate), but loved Jason; she is now unable to
Medea's world has turned upside down, do anything. Her broken heart

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woman. He says he won't change his
mind but when he appeals to his fatherly
side, he allows her to stay for one more
day, thinking that she can't do what he
fears she will in one day.
28-29 Chorus Medea tells the chorus that she needed This shows that…

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47 Chorus Choral ode: no more hope, the gifts,
Medea sorrow for what will happen.
48 Chorus Tutor tells Medea that the boys are back. This makes it known that Medea
Medea She takes the news badly and she weeps does not want to kill her children,
Tutor but she…


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