Characters in the Medea


Character Summary of the Nurse

  • Sets the scene
  • Talks about Medea’s past
  • Evokes pity in the reader when talking about Jason leaving Medea
  • Gives poor impression of Jason
  • Displays the extent of Medea’s depression
  • Tells us Medea is dangerous
  • Worried about what Medea may do
  • Decides not to tell Medea she is being exiled
  • Highlights again she is afraid Medea will do something to her sons

Character Summary of the Tutor

  • Enters with Medea’s sons
  • Talks to nurse about Medea
  • Lets the reader know Medea and her sons have been exiled
  • Gives reader the impression Jason isn’t very likeable
  • Looks after the sons

Character Summary of Medea

  • Protagonist
  • Passionate
  • She is distraught over Jason leaving her
  • Claims she deserves pity
  • She wants to kill herself
  • She is not Greek therefore is not treated the same
  • She is shocked and upset that Jason left her
  • She no longer enjoys life
  • Jason betrayed her
  • She gave him everything, he gave her nothing
  • She doesn’t understand Greek customs
  • manipulative
  • forms a scheme
  • decides to kill Glauce
  • Strikes people at their weaknesses (Creon=Glauce, Glauce=vanity)
  • she truly loves Jason
  • She doesnt care about money or fame
  • she saved his life many times
  • independent
  • unwilling to accept help from jason
  • clever (gets Aegis to say an oath)
  • Decides to kill her children as well, so they are not killed by someone else because of her actions
  • she thinks she can endure guilt
  • she cant endure humiliation
  • shows confliction when about to murder children but still goes through with it
  • shows no emotion when murdering children
  • gets away on a


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