Odyssey Book 1

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  • Odyssey Book 1
    • Flow Chart
      • The Bard sings to Muse and asks them to tell the story of Odysseus and his journey from Troy to Ithaca.
        • We begin on Mt. Olympus where the Gods discuss fate and free will. Athene brings up Odysseus - saying he doesn't deserve the awful things that have happened to him. Zeus agrees calling him 'admirable'. As Poseidon is away, at Ethiopia, she convinces the Gods to pursue a two-pronged plan.
          • Athene arrives in Ithaca disguised as Mentes - a family friend. She waits by the door to be greeted by Telemachus. He invites her in and provides her with food, drink and a seat. The suitors follows and help themselves to everything. They then begin to dance and sing, forcing the bard - Phemius to play music for them.
            • T questions Athene as to where she is from. Athene then brings the news O lives saying it was planted in her mind by a God. She then depicts how much T and O look alike. T says he is glad to hear news but would rather his father died at Troy and left an honourable name than he be left wondering if O is alive.
              • Athene talks about the Suitors and how they wish O was there to banish them. Athene says T must grow up call a meeting tomorrow and banish the suitors. Then take a journey gathering twenty of his best oarsmen. He must visit two places. Then he says he will always remember her words and A flies away - revealing herself as a God.
                • the bard begins to sing of the battle of Troy as Penelope comes down and she is distraught. T wishes his mother to stop crying and listen to the beautiful song of the bard. He asks her to retire to her quarters a 'I am the master of this house'. He then banishes the suitors saying they shouldn't eat someone else's food.
                  • The suitors are shocked and two speak up: Antinous and Eurymachus. Antinous questions the way T speaks to them and E asks questions about who Mentes was. T tells them he was a seafarer but knows he is a goddess. T then goes to his room, waited on by their maid Eurycleia who was there since he was a child, and sleeps.
                • go to Pylos and question Nestor about O's fate
                • then go to Sparta and talk to Menelaus, he was the last to return home. If you hear your father is alive head home happily but if he is dead go home lay funeral rites and marry your mother to a new husband.
    • themes
      • Law of Xenia
        • We can see T abides by Xenia well, he gives Athene food, drink and a seat before asking he any questions - shows his good character
        • We see the suitors disobey Xenia, charging into O's home and helping themselves to food - shows their bad character
      • Bards and the God Muse
        • This is represented at the beginning in the Bard's prayer to Muse showing he wishes Muse to bless him to sing good epic poetry.
        • witnessed through Phemius as he is very talented shows the importance of Bards in the Odyssey
    • Techniques
      • the Odyssey begins 'in medias res' - in the middle of the action as O is half-way through his journey and majority of the Trojans have returned home. He will later recount his tales to the Phaeacians.
      • 'vanishing like a bird through a hole in the roof'
        • epic simile used to compare Athene to a bird, Gods often were compared to birds


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