Problem of Pompeii

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  • Problems of Pompeii
    • Problem 1: The Speed of Destruction
      • Mt V. erupted around midday on day 1
        • Pompeii not engulfed until around 6.30am on day 2
          • Gave people at least 18hrs to evacuate the city
            • Can assume people took their most valuable possessions
              • Items left what people chose to leave behind
                • Evidence: Many of the bodies at Pompeii had money and/or jewelery with them
    • Problem 2: Eruptions do a lot of damage
      • Eruption itself caused a lot of random damage to the city
        • Can only  see what remained after a major natural disaster, considerable impact on the preservation of Pompeii
          • Evidence: Hardly any buildings where they were upper storey remains intact
    • Problem 3: Organic Materials destroyed or discarded
      • At Pompeii, wooden furniture, food, curtains, clothes and so on, usually survived only as carbonized scraps
        • Early excavators overlooked or failed to preserve organic materials after excavation
    • Problem 4: Post Eruption Looting
      • Considerable evidence for widespread looting at Pompeii
        • Artefacts and building materials have been salvaged
          • Treasure hunting took place in ancient times, still happening now though
            • Evidence: 'House tunneled through' , An inscription from the wall of The House Of Menander in Pompeii
    • Problem 5: The Earthquake of 62AD
      • Pompeii was damaged by a severe earthquake in 62AD
        • Life in Pompeii was severely damaged
          • Important buildings were being restored at the time of the eruption, some were still heavily damaged
            • Evidence: 'We have heard, my dear Lucilius, that Pompeii, a busy town in Campania, has subsided under a earthquake.' Seneca
    • Problem 6: Poor Excavation Techniques
      • Early excavations at Pompeii were often poor quality and badly recorded
        • Objects were often seen as unimportant and thrown away


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