Reasons Electra is a victim analysis

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  • Reasons Electra is a victim analysis
    • "Agamemnon killed by Aegisthus"
      • Her father was murdered by her mother's new lover and can't be avenged
        • Agamemnon could have deserved to die and Aegisthus could have been a better king
    • "Drives me out of doors and since she has borne Aegisthus other sons, she treats me and Orestes both as *******s of her house"
      • She has been banished from her home and now has been told she has lost all her titles and is a *******
        • She has got away from her mother ans she doesn't have to live with her father's murderer
    • "Since you left your sister sad in her room at home to a future of bitterness and pain?"
      • She feels abandoned by her brother and feels hopeless for the future
        • Orestes is exiled and alone and Electra is slightly self-centered about this as she only thinks about her lack of comfort
    • "While, I banished from my ancestral palace, live in a labourer's cottage"
      • She has been banished from her home and sent to a peasant's cottage so she feels home sick and abandoned
        • She is married to a nice man who doesn't force her into anything and she is in her home land unlike Orestes
    • "Brother, what fate is yours?"
      • She doesn't know what happened to Orestes or where he is and she is worried about him
        • She only cares about getting back in the palace and avenging her father so she wants Orestes to come back and do it for her
    • "Would not his daughter's appearance bring shame to King Agamemnon"
      • She feels shamed at her current status and feels her dad would be disappointed
        • She thinks her father cares more about her appearance than anything else which shows her vanity
    • "Calls lovingly for her father lured to his death in a strangling snare, so I, father, weep for your dreadful end"
      • She feels heartbroken and weeps over how her father's life ended
        • Her father should have expected his wife to try to hurt him and Electra should avenge him
    • "And your wife, welcomed you home not with crown or garland but with a two-edged sword"
      • She is heartbroken that her mother tricked and got her father killed
        • Clytemnestra was heartbroken about Iphigenia and Agamemnon shouldn't have expected her to be welcoming and forgiving
    • "Look at me- my hair uncared for, my dress in tatters"
      • She feels dirty and ashamed of her unkept appearance
        • Vanity as she grew up as a princess
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