History: Life in Hitler's Germany

Notes that have been collected from several different sources; own notes, internet, books, revision guides etc.

Contains notes on: ideologies, economy, unemployment, agriculture, business, industry, women/family, youth, anti-semitism, churches, asocials, propaganda, individuals (Schacht, Goering, Goebbels, Himmler, Hitler), Nazi popularity

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14 April 2009 Important Dates:
15:24 1923 - Mein Kampf written
Today's Topics: Important People:
What were Hitler's main ideas and beliefs? Adolf Hitler
· Aims and Ideologies:
Aryan race was the master race - all others were inferior
Rearmament - "...the future of Germany depends exclusively and alone on rebuilding the armed forces"
Reduce unemployment
Self-sufficiency (Autarky)
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14 April 2009 Important Dates:
Today's Topics: Important People:
Economic Recovery Hjalmar Schacht
Guns or Butter Hermann Goering
· Economic Recovery
Nazi Germany was a "HYBRID" economy (Franz Newmann) It had:
Private business (capitalist)
Government increasingly starts to control industry - what to make etc, especially during the
run up to the war (socialist)
Mixture of controlling the workers and "Strength through joy" campaign -leisure activities
and holidays and discounted/free for workers (socialist) "carrot and stick"
Volkesgemeinshaft- class equality (social harmony) but still…read more

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Walther Funk becomes
government overspend) minister of economics. Was more
Major industrialists and businessmen e.g Krupps passive and followed Goring's lead
favour a slower, more manageable rearmament Hitler
Military more in favour of Schacht's ideas. Think Some businessmen (not big ones)
Hitler is being unrealistic to get into Hitler's good books
STRATEGY Schacht to begin with did favour rearmament and Goering produces the "Four Year
autarky.…read more

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14 April 2009 Important Dates:
15:24 June 1933 - Law to Reduce Unemployment
Today's Topics:
How was the large scale unemployment of the
German population dealt with?
· Work Schemes (Arbeitdienst)
Within first year, legislation/initiatives were introduced
Work schemes first used by Papen and Schleicher were extended by the Law to Reduce
Unemployment of June 1933
Arbeitdienst was made compulsory for all the unemployed aged between 19 and 25
· State investment
Money was poured into work schemes such as the building of the…read more

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14 April 2009 Important Dates:
15:24 Sept 1933 - The Reich Food Estate
Sept 1933 - The National Entailed Farms Act
· Agriculture
Main area of employment Important People:
Measures were introduced to help farmers Walther Darré
Tariffs were increased
Price of fats was raised by nearly 50%
Grants were issued for improvement of large estates
Land values were raised by the building work schemes
The Reich Food Estate lay at centre of Nazi bid to control and relieve agriculture
From 1935 it controlled…read more

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14 April 2009 Important Dates:
15:24 Law for the Provisional Construction of
German Craft Trades (1933)
Law for the Protection of Retail Trade
Today's Topics:
Small vs.…read more

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State and party agencies gave preferential treatment to small businesses
The state made available low interest loans and a share of confiscated Jewish trade
Benefited from the return of business confidence after 1933
Status was not significantly raised as Hitler's first priority was the creation of jobs and the
maintenance of low prices, which were more effectively provided by larger firms
Small traders continued to be out priced by department stores and were squeezed
between the Reich food estate which controlled agricultural prices,…read more

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14 April 2009 Important Dates:
Important People:
Today's Topics:
What impact did the Nazi regime have on Industry?
Industrial Workers
Schonheit der Arbeit (Beauty of Labour) set up to persuade employers to improve working conditions
in factories.…read more

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14 April 2009
Important Dates:
15:24 1933 - Law for the Prevention of
Today's Topics: Hereditary Diseased Offspring
What were the Nazi influences on Family and on
· Family
"The germ cell of the nation"
Wanted to increase;
Popularity of Marriage
Newly married couples were offered a 1000 mark loan
Repayable at 3% interest
Reduced by 25% for every child born
4 'healthy' babies = free loan
Birth Rate
Advertisement of contraceptives - banned
Birth control clinics - closed down
Family allowance of…read more

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14 April 2009 Important Dates:
Today's Topics: Important People:
What were the Nazi influences on the Youth? Baldur von Schirach
· Organisations
Nazi Party created a rival organisation to the formal education system - the Hitler Youth
By 1939 roughly 90% of German youth were members
Young Germans were to accept Nazi concepts of race, discipline and obedience
Chief slogans
"The youth must be led by youth"
"We are born to die for Germany"
The Hitler Youth organised summer camps at which political…read more


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